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Welcome to the tumblr monthly food challenge blog! This is a blog open to all of tumblr's food community. Every month will have a certain ingredient or dish highlighted, and it will be up to all of you out there to come up with a creative and innovative way to handle it and then blog about it!

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Challenge 01

Well, here we are, tumblr! September 1st! Make sure to check out the list of thank-yous before proceeding with this post to find out your mystery ingredient for the month! And.. let’s try to pretend I’m not a half hour late, haha.

Now… drumroll please?

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!…

And again I’d like to take a quick second to thank my super über best friend Chilly, for providing us this month not only with the secret ingredient itself, but the photograph as well!

That’s right folks—the mystery ingredient of September 2011 is now revealed! Bananas!

Please excuse me if I come up with any less-than-witty puns while writing this, because it just might happen…

More specifically though than just ‘bananas’, the challenge does include all fruits that fall under the genus ‘musa’. This means not only the sweeter variety of banana as pictured above (often referred to as ‘dessert bananas’), but also plantains, known also as ‘cooking bananas’. And if you can get your hands on any red bananas, latundans, banana leaves, wild bananas, banana liqueurs, or any of those other crazy varieties or banana parts… well, have at them!

Bananas are a non-seasonal plant, which means they’re available year round around the world! They’re fairly simple to grow and cultivate in various places, and there is an absolute abundance of them, which also means cheap prices in general.

Cooking Tips:

The different stages of ripeness in a dessert banana or cooking banana makes a difference! On average, plantains/cooking bananas are used while still slightly green for firmness or lightly yellow with spots. Dessert bananas are usually used while yellow or darker brown. And this is because..

The greener a banana or plantain is, the higher the starch content of the fruit is. The darker brown the outer skin begins to turn, the more sugar content it has! Over time, the starch slowly decays in to sugars. This is particularly good when using bananas in desserts, they bring such a large amount of natural sweetness.  Plantains, being generally larger than dessert bananas, have a higher starch content than dessert bananas. They don’t ever really get too sweet.

The higher the starch content, the greener and firmer the banana or plantain is.

The higher the sugar content, the browner and softer the banana or plantain is.

Usually, at what stage people end up using them is entirely personal preference!

In conclusion…

This is the very first tumblr food challenge, ever! Get on the wagon and join us, spread the word, and come up with a wonderful dish that includes a wonderful fruit and you’ll win the very first challenge!

After you have conceptualized and made your dish, take a picture if you can and blog about it! Inform me here through the ask box so I can then reblog it, or submit your post directly to the blog! Watch other recipes come flooding in, and feel free to store away recipes for future use.

And when you’ve done that, hop on over and suggest the theme ingredient/dish for next month and have a chance to have it chosen and get a feature!

Remember, you will only win the challenge if you make a post and submit it before 11:59pm in your timezone, the 30th of September.

So let’s go blog about bananas!

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